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Online investment Service of Financial Banque(1).

A full range of online trading (1)

With Financial Banque Invest, enjoy a rue real-time platform , for your transactions through Internet on stocks, bonds, ETFs, warrants, mutual funds Financial Banque Group

Manage effectively, independently and at any time, your portfolio on a regular share
account and / or savings plan (PEA).

Our Bank offers online allows you to transfer money from one account to
or check at any time all of your holdings in Financial Banque.

Send your orders online or by phone and enjoy :

  • access to streaming quotes Euronext in real time (2),
  • taking into account your instant orders by the market,
  • a real-time status of your portfolio drop presented by type of asset (shares, bonds, ...) and your sell orders
  • SRD advantages option.

Have a daily update of the status of your portfolio including:

  • the history of your orders and your movements,
  • or more of your unrealized losses by position,

A team of experts by phone

Access by telephone +33 (0) 123 456 789 (4) (choice 3 / Exchange) à On the expertise of Securities Department of Customer Relationship for :

  • place your orders by phone,
  • information on your portfolio, markets or values
  • understand the functioning of markets
  • invest most foreign stock markets.

Competitive rates and tailored to your profile

Depending on the amount of your past by Internet or telephone orders, choose the package that suits you best :

Amount of your orders generally
< to 2 350 € :
Package Financial Banque Invest(4)

Amount of your orders typically
> to 2 350 € :
Package Financial Banque Invest Expert(4)

Your orders will be charged :
9,60 €per order up 1 500 €
Or 0,64% of the amount of the order beyond.
Your orders will be charged :
15 € per order up 6 000 €
Or 0,25% of the amount of the order beyond.
  • 0€ custody fees if you are running at least 15 orders per semester on Euronext markets


Everything you need to invest

Enjoy many features for information and invest in the best conditions.

  • Synthesis market with a Home page to view at a glance all relevant to the management of your investment (your portfolio valuation, economic and financial information, recommendations, market quotation of the main indices information lists of values ...).
  • access to complete records values including all market information, market consensus (recommendations by financial analysts), the profile of companies, access to interactive graphics
  • all economic and financial news in real time and recommendations through information from our partners Thomson Reuters and Reuters Trading Central flow.

Main features :

  • with PIA (Automatic Investment Plan) you invest regularly and programmed from a selection of mutual funds (5) Financial Banque group.
  • you can create custom lists of values
  • market consensus with the objectives of the course? for all Euronext values
  • a search engine values by multiple criteria: index, sector, country ...
  • the charts of performance values, RIP, ...
  • with Financial Banque Alerts you are informed instantly via SMS or e-mail, the execution of your orders
    de bourse, de la variation de vos valeurs préférées, de la valorisation de votre portefeuille titres…
  • scholarship, change your preferred values, the value of your investment portfolio ...the download function allows you to get in Word format, Excel or money all the information on your portfolio, transaction history or your orders.

How to access Financial Banque Invest?

Log on to your secure Online Banking by typing space:

  • your username Bank online from the "Access your account" block,
  • then your PIN.

Access Finance Plus Invest Bank by clicking the "Exchange and OPC" tab

* Cost varies depending on the operator.
(1) Customer non-resident: available supply under certain conditions according to local regulations which depends on the client.
(2)Option to subscribe to the securities agency or the Service +33 (0) 123 456 789(4)choice "Exchange").
(3) Deferred Settlement Service SRD optional, subject to acceptance by Financial Banque France via cell Securities Customer Relations Centre Financial Banque.
(4) From Monday to Friday, 8 am to 18.30 variable cost depending on the operator.
(5) Before making any investment decision, it is your responsibility to ensure that the media considered or match
your financial situation, your investment goals, as well as regulations to which you belong (including local legislation to which you would possibly subject). Past performance is no guarantee of future results, investments subject to market fluctuations may vary downward as well as upward. Investments in emerging markets are significantly higher than developed markets risk, the net asset value of mutual funds invested in these markets may fluctuate widely. This excess risk is related to the low maturity and liquidity of these markets as well as geopolitical and economic risks associated with emerging markets. This information does not represent a commitment on the part of France and Bank MFIs are subject to change without notice.

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